product review: Brown Skin Girl

July 15, 2017

A natural & organic luxury skincare product brand. Handmade from scratch and made in Nigeria. They have a product range variety:
Scrubs, masks,  lotions, black soap, toner & serum, beard balm, stretchmarks treatment, face& body oils, body washes, hair care products, etc
They make use of essential oils, carrier oils, natural &organic extracts, infusions and active ingredients.
brown skin girl beard balm

Their products are non bleaching, contains no harsh or toxic chemicals, would not whiten your skin. Rather, they work for safe toning, skin glow and skin repair. It helps people who have made poor skincare choices in the past and have product reactions from using the wrong skincare products. Also for treating skin irritations & blemishes including acne, spots, hyper pigmentation, sunburns, blackheads, whiteheads & dark circles.
brown skin girl coconut oil

They are located in Lagos, and deliver nationwide. They take orders from theirsocial media platforms

@brownskingirl_bsg on instagram
@brownskingirlNG on twitter
@brownskingirl_bsg on facebook
07083835011 on whatsapp

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