men's style | guide to wearing pink

July 03, 2017

Pink is a trend that has a long sustaining power in men’s fashion.

Stylish and confident men wear pink. Pink clothing for us men is preferably worn as shirt but you can still style in pink pants and shoes too, pink should be a staple color in your wardrobe. For you to wear pink you need to style correctly and also be confident when on pink.

It takes a confident man to wear pink to stand out in crowd and be unique to incorporate pink in your wardrobe formal shirt is a good way to start with because you can use it to slay in blazers.

As any outstanding color you have to note that less is more. To kick start with pink you need to also put your complexion to play if you have a dark complexion like myself you should go for a lighter pink shirt because you would look better in them and if you have light complexion I bet the darker shade of pink would be more appropriate for you.
However it’s important to note that pink can be matched up with any color be it black, withe, grey, etc…best of all i will  recommend blue.
 Hope you would like to get your pink outfits ready for the summer..whats your take on pink tell us in the comment box below.. kindly use the share buttons too... Thanks

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