designer of the week : EMAMI OYOWINO ERIC of the fela say relax brand

July 17, 2017

EMAMI OYOWINO ERIC is one of the leading teen entrepreneurs in the fashion designing game , he is currently a stuand of ABUAD university and he is the brains behind the FELA SAY RELAX brand

    Why did you choose a career as a Fashion Designer?
Mhen  I chose fashion designing because it’s what I love to do.
    What trends do you currently see in the fashion industry? 
Most people be hype beasting this days.

    What skills are important for a successful career in fashion design?
Firstly you have to be fashionable that’s basic and with that all other things will fall in place.
    What are your goals as a Fashion Designer?
Spreading my product all over the world and make a whole lot of money.
    What motivates you as a Fashion Designer?
The society is my motivation.
    How well do you take criticism?
Give me an example. Criticism builds character, a whole lot of paper a whole lot of haters.
     What is your favorite part about being a Fashion Designer?
 Creating what people wear to look good.

    Who are your favorite designers?
 Jerry Lorenzo, virgil abloh.
    How do you stay up to date with fashion?
Been social and active on the social media.
    Tell me about your educational qualifications?
Well i'm a student

    Where do you see yourself in ten years?
 Wherever God puts me can’t be in  a rush to  greatness.
    Tell me about an accomplishment you are the most proud of.
 My award winning clothing line.

fela say relax  line
    What do you enjoy most about working in a team environment?
working in a team environment brings idea from all angles basically it makes the stuff better and work is more productive.
Rest in Pizza, a line under the fela say relax

    Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
I do not know.. let’s see 5 years’ time.

    What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Favorite part is making what people wear to look good, that’s every fashion designers dream
    Are you a computer literate in relation to fashion design? Would you be able to use software to produce designs?
Yes I am and yes I am able to do that.

    How do you select the materials you use?
 Well selection isn't that hard,I just select what looks good.
    Do you feel there’s a significant interest for young designers at the moment?
Yeah ,it's all about the youth. We rule we are taking over..                       
    Was there anyone in your family who made you feel like designing?
Yes, actually my sister made most of her clothes herself which I actually considered pretty cool..

contact details
instagram: @oyowino

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