Guide to effective home remedy for skin

May 04, 2017

     Natural home remedies are easy to prepare. The natural indigents used offer a lot of beautifying vitamins and antioxidants without subjecting your skin to irritating chemicals. However if the natural indigents is not prepared properly and used properly one could run the risk of developing irritation. This is a guide to the right way to use them.

1. Before you start, wash your hands and utensils to be used

2. To avoid skin irritation do a patch test before using any home remedy. Apply a little quantity of the mask to laps or a less visible part of your body following all instructions as you would have done on your face. Wait for a day to see if you are allergic to the mask or not before you start applying it on your face

3. Apply mask to clean skin. To get full benefits of the ingredient wash face with cleanser and warm water.

4.When using veggies or fruits ensure they are in good condition. Ensure you don’t use spoilt ones overripe ones may be useful.

5. Veggies or fruits mask must be used immediately after they have been made. In case of leftovers they can be applied on other parts of the body like the legs.

6. Take caution when using baking soda, vinegar and lemon. They can irritate the skin and make it overly sensitive to sun.

7. Do not apply oil absorbents like mud and clay around the eye area because it can damage the delicate skin there.
8. Have a special towel for your facials. The towel is to be used with warm water to remove the mask. 

9. Apply moisturizers after using a mask.  

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