Campus Style: Adebowale Hakeem Of Bells University

May 05, 2017

Adebowale Hakeem

    To start with today we had a chat with Hakeem Adebowale. A 200 level computer engineering student of Bells University. You can check his instagram page to see more of his stylish pictures.

Who is your fashion inspiration?
Kanye West and Asap Rocky.

What’s your favorite fashion magazine?
Well I don’t really have one.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
Polo Raph tees with Ripped jeans and Chelsea boots

Who’s your celebrity crush?
I don’t have any.

How much time do you spend on instagram?
When am free I have the time.

When do you dress for classes the most?
I dress most when am going for early morning lectures.

How much do you spend shopping?
Well basically I spend about fifty thousand naira.

Where is your shopping spots?
I mainly shop on Asos and Jumia

What’s your wardrobe essential?
Shades,  stockings, skinny and ripped jeans, tank tops, shorts, sweatshirts and pants, derby shoes.

What influences you when buying an outfit?

What would you never be caught wearing?
Vintage shirts.

Adebowale Hakeem

Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower?
Well I’m a trend follower

For lectures what do you typically put on?
Derby shoes x tight pants x pinned down collar shirts.

You’ve been informed; there would be an impromptu test within 30 minutes what would you wear?
I’ll probably put on black pants and a denim shirt with the desert boots.

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