Young Designer Of The Week: Agwai Victor

April 08, 2017

Agwai victor
Agwai victor

Tell us about yourself?
My name is Agwai Victor a  500L Mechanical Engineering student of Bells University and the CEO of Leno Signature ng. I am from delta state and the first of 3 siblings of Dr and Mrs. S.I Agwai. 

Tell us how all this evolved. As a teen did you ever think you’ll find yourself in this line of business.
 Zeal to make a positive impact and the Grace of God; No I didn't as a teenager .. As a matter of fact I was never a fashion or trending junkie  

At what point did you realize you have a strong passion for this business that could translate into big money.
My second year in the University.. Starting out with cloths and then moving on to bags  

At the start what were the major challenges you had to contend with.
 Finance and Peer Pressure  

Precisely when did you start, how old is Signature
 It all started with the thought on my bed sometime Oct 2013... So I could say Leno Signature is 4 years from just a thought on the bed 

How have you moved with the times in terms of current trends?
 Lol.... Reading, suffering the internet and by divine ideas from God  

Who would you say constitute your client base?
 Bells University among other private Universities in Nigeria.

Which country would you say a large percentage of your stocks come from?

Personally what’s your own style statement.
 Being unique and creative while adding functionality to your product  

From the look of things Leno is a total men’s shop. Give us a full range of what your line entails.
 Unisex school drawstrings, female purses, face caps and t-shirts

  In your own honest opinion, how would you describe the average Nigerian man in terms of fashion.
 A man with a good dress sense, positive attitude and "swag" 

Who’s your favorite foreign designer
 Nike .

What’s your vision for Leno Signature in the next couple of years?
 Being one of the leading bag brands in Africa and the world at large in
the shortest possible time.  

We don’t need to be told that you get a lot of patronage from showbiz stars and music stars, give us some of the names of the stars.
 Falz, Ycee and currently Jeff David

CONTACT : 08141346260,
instagram@ official_lenosignature, 

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