Campus Style : Interview with Peace Brown

April 03, 2017

Hello #KFDReaders! We have exciting news for you! We are starting a new column dubbed KFD Campus Style where we will be highlighting the fashion and style scenes in our various tertiary institutions.  We would be having fun interview sections with student at the various institutions, street style pictures and fashion event coverage.
To kick start this we had a chat with the very stylish Omawumi Peace Brown.  You can follow him on Instagram here  to see more of his stylish pictures.

Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Name is Peace-brown or Omawumi,student of international studies and diplomacy, studying in Edo University Iyamho,  Residing in Warri.
Without blabbing too much, I do fashion, I do clothes and shoes, I do outfits and I'm into style influencing and also modeling as a sideline something 

Who is your number one fashion inspiration?
Anyone with a good dress sense and fashion inspires me to step up my fashion game. 

Favorite  fashion magazine?
InStyle and Vogue magazine 


What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
Hum!  shades, wristwatches, beads, neck-chokers etc, accessories basically.

Who’s your celebrity crush?
I don't Crush. 

How much time do you spend on instagram?
About 80% of my time on social media." time on social media" not 80% of my time.

When do you dress for classes the most?
I'm dressed up every time, every day. 

How much do you spend shopping?
I barely go shopping; I just buy it when I see it because when I need it, it may be gone. 
But when I go shopping, I spend basically a lot, don't know how much precisely. 


Your 5 shopping spots?
I don't really have particular shopping spots because I buy a good outfit when I see it anywhere, either in boutiques or online. 

What’s your wardrobe essential?

What influences you when buying an outfit?
Like I said, I buy it when I see it, because when I need it, it may be gone. 
So I buy whatever outfit that looks good. 

What would you never be caught wearing?
Body hugs and bling’s 


Are you a trendsetter or a trend follower?
Actually, without a lie, I’m both. But more of a trendsetter than a trend follower. 
I'm a trend setter because I do new fashion and innovate styles and a trend follower because I do a trend some times when I like it..

For lectures what do you typically put on?
The usual cooperate wears and classic gentleman look. 

Which of your fellow student style do you love?
Kadiri Abraham and usiomon Stephanie obehi 

You’ve been informed; there would be an impromptu test within 30 minutes what would you wear?
Blue Jeans topped with a white Polo shirt and a pair of sneakers to match blended with my accessories, I’m good to go.

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