7 Things Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

March 03, 2017

7 Things Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe

      The rundown of fundamental things that ought to constitute the closet of each slick man is not especially long. From straightforward (yet superb) shirts to impeccably cut chinos, to the one suit you have no reason not to possess; here, we've chosen the 7 nuts and bolts that ought to shape the establishment of any effective closet.
 dress shirt

Dress shirt
Dress shirts are typically made with cottons of finer weaves. A proper dress shirt is a button-up shirt with a collar, long sleeves, and wrist cuffs. Whether for yourself or for someone else, choosing a men's dress shirt can be more complicated that you think. A dress shirt is important for first impressions like job interviews, and presenting yourself well at social gatherings. Spending time finding the right shirt, inspecting the quality of it, and making sure it fits right can make all the difference in the world.
white dress shirt

White – The most popular shirt color; historically it was initially the only choice for a gentleman. The lack of color on a man’s collar and cuffs signified he did not have to do dirty work. To this day, white still reigns as the most formal color, where ever you may be, a man can safely assume a white shirt will never be out of place.

blue dress shirt

Blue – Blue has more to do with its ability to compliment most men’s complexions rather than heritage. Today the color firmly holds a place as a safe alternative to white. And unfortunately, this is often the extent of the variety found in a man’s dress shirt collection.
Different Colors – Pink, gold, lavender, grayish, woodland green, and even red, only a couple of the large number of hues accessible to the man who will walk an alternate way. Regardless of whether these hues command the dress shirt, or highlight the example woven into it, they can supplement each composition out there. Furthermore, with under 30% of the shirt wearing populace notwithstanding dallying into these shades, the man who experts wearing them can without much of a stretch set himself apart in a room of like dressed men.

Chiinos & khakis
Chinos refer to the particular style of trouser popularized by an American military origin. Chinos are thus the product of such military wear. Less formal than dress pants and more  dressy than a casual jean, these pants are made of a cotton or cotton-blend material which allows it to be dressed up or down. Additionally, the range of colors chinos come in distinguish it as an alluring trouser choice for most gentlemen.
Khakis are thick, straight-legged, and typically pleated They have cuffs at the bottom hems.Owner on the leg, and can be either cuffed or un-cuffed. They are generally flat-fronted.

navy blue blazers

          The Navy Blazer or Sport Coat or Sports Jacket, whatever you want to call it (we’ll go with Blazer from here on out), is an essential because it’s the very definition of business or dressy casual. It pairs incredibly well with dark wash jeans, oxford or semi-spread collar dress shirts, Oxford dress shoes and almost any other mix of dressy or casual wear in your Essential Wardrobe.

•        To most of us, a blazer and a suit jacket look exactly the same.
•        Sometimes you’ll see that suit jackets typically come attached to a higher price tag, but is that the only difference? And why aren’t they all just called suit jackets?
•        It turns out, we have athletes to thank for all this confusion.
set of sweaters

A quality sweater that properly fits is one of the most flattering garments a man can wear.  Functionally it keeps you warm while style wise it can break up the monotonous wearing of dress shirts and slacks to the office.
Yet most men know little about sweaters and even fewer take full advantage of all the styles and patterns available.
roll neck sweater

Roll neck – Often confused with the turtleneck. It’s actually more like its cousin. A half breed between a turtleneck and a crew neck. It’s a combo of both. It commonly comes with a high collar with the edge rolled a bit. It is inherently worn casually.
turtle neck sweater

Turtleneck – This sweater does not get nearly as much attention from most men as it should.. It can be dressed up under a blazer for a party or worn casually alone for a walk in the park. The key to wearing it is to get the right roll at the neck and to never tuck it in.
v neck sweater

v neck – What 90% of men wear.

burgundy vest

Vest on its own is a look that seems to have caught on lately. You can try wearing a colored vest over a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. A waistcoat has a full vertical opening in the front, which fastens with buttons or snaps. Both single-breasted and double-breasted waistcoats exist, regardless of the formality of dress, but single-breasted ones are more common.
blue pants

          Pants and trousers are an essential item because they’re the middle ground between jeans and a full suit. They’re also amazing because they look damn good on every body type. In situations when jeans might be a bit too informal and a suit is overkill, the trouser fits this spot perfectly.

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