5 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

December 13, 2016

5 Fashion Accessories Every Man Should Have

As a man, you don’t have to dress loud to be distinct from the crowd and be recognized.
Fashion accessories are no longer limited to your clothes, shoes and belts as there are a lot more things you never used to pay attention to that can seriously make you more stylish than you were.
If you want to always have that stylish appearance, start with these fashion accessories to have a tasteful appearance.

braclets for hands

Bracelets have become important fashion accessories for men as they can give an interesting look to an otherwise dull and uninteresting wrist. Some bracelets are handcrafted and can provide any neutral outfit with a boost.
The good thing about most brackets is that they can fit with almost any wrist size and you don’t have to worry about not getting the size of a particular design you love.

metallic keychain

Key chains were for a long time used basically for securing keys while on the move but they have now become an important fashion accessory that can improve your dressing and overall appearance.
Some key chains come in classic models such as cool ropes and metallic silver. Whichever one you choose to go with, be sure that they come in a heavy-duty material that will not only help to keep your keys secure but also keep wear and tear of the materials they are made from at bay.

multicolored sunglass

The right type of sunglasses can instantly give your outfit and appearance an edge. Sunglasses that come with classic frames with dark colors such as black and a tortoise shell color can do wonders for a simple appearance. Also, retro shapes and modern finishes will draw positive attention to your face and they can be paired with both semi-casual and casual looks.

brown wallet in a mans pant

Wallets that are made with good leathers can instantly improve your appearance when you bring them out for a transaction or to simply obtain something from them. Good leather wallets are fashion accessories that are perfect for a night out, or slipping into the inside pocket of your suit jacket. You can choose to go for wallets that come in a black, brown or ox-blood color to instantly make you look more stylish.

cool metallic wrist watch


It's not just the perfect clothes and make-up, the ultimate accessory too is important. And no prizes for guessing that watches score over most other categories when it comes to accessorizing. Depending on your choice, you can choose to go for one that comes with a metallic bracelet or leather straps. Whichever you choose to go for however, be sure to go for colors that can compliment a wide range of clothes. Black and brown leather straps can blend with a variety of colors while silver
  metallic straps gives a classic appearance. The concept of watches as accessories became popular when Swiss watch brands started retailing in India in 1998," says Mr Gopalratnam Kannan.

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