Nigeria's Independence: Ressurection from slavery by Omasanuwa Eseosa Eguono

October 01, 2016

Nigeria's Independence: Ressurection from slavery by Omasanuwa Eseosa Eguono

omasanuwa as a slave for independence in nigeria

After years of hard struggle and political turmoil Nigeria achieved independence on 1st October 1960. The vast landscapes of the country, stretching from the Obudu Hills of the southeast through the beaches in to the rainforest regions of the Lagos estuary the country has worth while natural splendors to explore.

Historically speaking, Badagry was the first and last port of call. When the ships arrive to pick these slaves, they would be brought out from the hole in which they were put and taken to a place called ‘The Point of No Return’. This process involved the crossing of slaves through the ocean that links the Badagry port to this point. When the slaves have been crossed over, they would walk about 20miles to the point.

How Do You Relate Fashion To Slavery?

I see slavery as the basics of our fashion today... Like I usually say 'As Human beings are Revolutional, So is Fashion' Fashion revolves round a circle anything new has already been done in the ancient period of slavery.. Let's take some examples...
I remember vividly as at 2000 to 2011 were we wear what we call Bare bottom and these were done first by our parents! And grand parents another example is 2012 and 2013 when a jumping pencil trouser came into fashion and we all enjoyed it mainly with our chinos pants look back in time with the story our parents told us for wearing jumping pants... I don't know about yours but mine told me that their parents only buy them Christmas outfits which was both 11 months before Christmas... And with this picture I dropped recently reconnecting the slavery period and today's fashion (Yeezy's Collection) so that's how I relate Fashion to slavery

omasanuwa as a slave for independence in nigeria

What message are you passing to youths?

I would feel honored because the message I try to portray here to the youths of today is, before we do anything or judge anyone we should look at our history in the past and see how many sacrificed their lives just to make Nigeria who she is today... So we should be grateful and thankful for them being slaves and fighting for our independence because without them we would still be mining today on our mothers' land

omasanuwa as a slave for independence in nigeria

Since the independence how do you see Nigeria?

     It is true I wasn't born then, it is also true that history is passed down to us by books, videos, and oral I can compare our past and present as good and bad... Good because of technologies and better clothes to make us happier but bad in the economy... Things aren't getting cheaper as they used to? Why? All because of these technologies we equip ourselves with. I still ask myself this question... Sorry about the vernacular "wetin concern us concern dollar" if Nigeria could use these technologies to make our country more of production and refining I bet you we won't go through all these stress check out some few history of our country on Instagram @faschun_jinkz then you will see what I am saying. I just know one day Nigeria will be at her best

omasanuwa as a slave for independence in nigeria

Nigerian's where we dey go....@56

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