#KFD Instagram Focus Of The Week: Shina [@Darkskinxgod]

September 14, 2016

Welcome back to KFD! This week I have decided to begin something new for the fashion page of this blog; I will be doing Instagram features of people I believe their trends will show you some style tips.
To kick off, I present to you all, Odunsanya Shina (Instagram: @Darkskinxgod). He’s a stylish undergraduate, a student at Covenant University!

Yup – He’s Fabulous.

Hi Shina! It’s great to have you here at The Klems Blog, your fans say hello!

*Laughs* Hey Klems! Thank you so much.

Shina whats Fashion to you?
well it’s a way of doing your own thing.

Are you into Afro fashion, Retro or Western?
Am mixed, just more of westeran, but will be doing more on the retro and afro soon.

Looking at your instagram posts, tell us what you are wearing.

Bomber Jacket
Bomber jacket which is H&M, light washed pants and the yezzy boost.
vans skate shoe
Oversized pants with rough edges and a black vans skate.
originals adidas
 Black stan smith,shorts and adidas original shirt.
leather derby shoe
Oversized cardigan from brave soul, London derby shoes..

How do you feel been the first on this series?
Highly honoured.

shina: You can check out trends on my IG page for more, klems thanks...*WINKS*

Lets call it a day .. stay tuned blog readers more to come your way next week.

From Your Nigerian Stores

  1. Base London Derby shoe...HERE

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